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️ Best Price Ruger® 10/22® .17 Rimfire Heavy Bolt Handle Power Custom

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Smoother Cycling & Improved Reliability For Converted 10/22 Rifles

Dense, tungsten core provides the added weight required to slow bolt speed for safe and reliable function of higher pressure, .17 rimfire cartridges in converted 10/22® rifles. Keeps bolt closed longer to prevent case ruptures, extractor blowout, and cracked receivers, and is a mandatory part when using the factory .22 rimfire bolt for your conversion. Oversized handle is easy to locate and grasp in the field or during fast paced competition. Precision machined, stainless steel, bolt handle body resists rust and corrosion. Included stainless steel guide rod and Wolff Extra Power bolt spring must be used in .17 Mach 2 conversions; use the factory spring and guide rod when installing bolt handle on 10/22® Magnum rifles converted to .17 HMR.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:71, Page:156

SPECS: Stainless steel body with tungsten core, natural, matte finish. Handle - 1” (2.5cm) long, .75” (1.9cm) diameter. 3.1 oz. (87g) weight. Guide Rod - 4¼” (10.8cm) long.

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