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💯 Lowprice Deluxe Rear Bags Protektor

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These custom rear bags from Protektor have a bottom comprised of 3-layers of stiff leather with an integral doughnut that eliminates any rocking movement. The sidewalls have stiffer leather than most bags, which prevents rounding of the bag over time. Bunny Ear models have v-style ears and are a great choice for those with cheek pieces or thinner rear stock profiles. Mid-Ear models have ears slightly taller than bunny ears to provide additional support and have two rows of stitching between the ears to create the proper spacing for larger stocks.

The two styles of ears are available in either high quality leather or in fine-grade Cordura. The Cordura material is an excellent choice for those using fiberglass or composite stocks.

**NOTE: Bag does NOT come filled with sand. Order # SD-1 bag sand and FF1000 bag filling funnel

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:168
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